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One very popular brand of carpet shampoo machines is Bissell. Bissell makes a wide variety of machines for cleaning a wide variety of flooring surfaces. If you want to buy a Bissell machine then there are several questions you will need to ask yourself to make sure you are getting the right piece of equipment.

First, do you want an upright carpet shampooer, a canister shampoo machine, or a compact carpet cleaner? Up right machines look a lot like vacuums but are usually heavier and a bit bulkier. Canister machines have a canister for the wash and waste water connected to a vacuum head by a long hose and handle. A compact carpet cleaner is a small canister with a handheld suction head connected to a short hose that wraps around the canister for storage. Small machines like this can be stored in cabinets or under tables. The upright machines are definitely the most powerful and best for whole carpet cleaning projects. However, they are bulky and may be hard to handle in small spaces. The canister machine is definitely easier to handle in small spaces, but they are not as powerful and not good for really deep carpet cleaning. The compact machines are best for immediate stain fighting because they are easy to use and are best for small jobs.

You also want to consider if you want a carpet cleaner that can multitask. Some shampooers can be used on surfaces other than carpet. Steam cleaning can be effective on ceramic tile, marble, slate, or wood floors. If you want a machine that you can use in multiple areas of your house then look for a multi-surface machine from Bissell. You will be making a good investment because you will be able to use the carpet cleaner so much more often.

Another thing to consider is the efficiency and ability of the heater. If you have many high traffic area carpets and need to fight tough stains often then you want a machine with a very strong heater so that you can get the water and cleaners hot enough to activate them and work at their best.

In addition to these basic characteristics, you also need to think about special needs that you may have in your household. For example, there are carpet cleaners made especially or households that have allergen concerns. Or ones that are best suited for pet stains and odors. There are also carpet shampooers that are considered green and eco-friendly.

Finally, you will need to consider price. You may or may not be able to purchase the carpet shampooer you want because it might be outside of your budget. Bissell sells machines anywhere from small compact shampooers for less than fifty dollars to upright machines with lots of accessories for close to three hundred dollars. Make sure that you get the most ability for the money you have available. And if you cannot get what you want with the money you have, consider renting for another month or two and saving some more money. It is better to wait and get what you really want than to buy something inadequate and only have to replace it later.

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