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My favorite carpet shampooer to rent is the Rug Doctor. They have them at my local grocery store and that makes it very convenient. I can pick one up with my weekly shopping on Saturday morning and use it that day. Then I return it when I go back to the store on Sunday for all of the things I forgot to get the day before. There are no special trips involved and I get all the carpet sin my house clean in one weekend. The cost of the rental is around forty dollars.

Rug Doctor makes a carpet shampoo to go with their machines, but you do not have to use their soap if you do not want to. I sometimes use other brands if I can find them on sale, or a make a homemade carpet shampoo out of hot water, vinegar, and dish soap. If you notice too much foam in the waste stream then you want to cut back on the amount of carpet cleaner used in each tank. I actually use about half of the recommended dosage in order to avoid leaving too much soap residue behind. Soap residue is what is responsible for the phenomenon known as wicking. This is when dirt is attracted to soap left behind in the carpet and that soapy dirt mixture makes its way to the surface of the carpet during the hours after you finish cleaning. Your carpets can actually look less clean than when you started.

There are two varieties of Rug Doctor carpet shampooers you can rent and the only difference is that one is wider than the other. If you rent the wider machine, you will be able to clean a larger surface area of carpet in a shorter amount of time, but the machine is less maneuverable. It is very difficult to get the wider machine into corners or around pieces of heavy furniture. The small machine may take longer, but it is a little easier to use. In addition, the wide machine is heavier than the small machine. If you have a large SUV then the wide machine might be difficult for you to get in and out of the car because you need to lift it up in order to get it in and out.

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