Carpet Shampoo Machines

Imagine you are sitting on the couch watching a movie with your family and you sit a glass of soda down on the edge of the coffee table when you get up. Then, when you come back, you accidentally get too close to the table and knock the glass over. You blot up the mess as best you can but you can tell that there is a brown stain forming on your carpet. The right thing to do in this circumstance is to get out your upright carpet shampoo machine and work on the stain immediately. The upright carpet shampoo machines are large and bulky, though. It is too much of an inconvenience to get the whole contraption out right now. Is there another way? You might be wondering how to shampoo carpet for small spills. The answer is that you can get a portable carpet shampoo machine.

There are several advantages to these small portable carpet cleaning devices. That is why I think that a portable handheld piece of equipment is the best carpet shampoo machine you could purchase. The first advantage is that this home carpet shampoo machine is small and easy to store. You can easily fit one of these carpet scrubbers under the sink or in a small inconspicuous corner of your hall closet. It is easily put out of sight but still easily accessible in case you need to clean up a spill quickly. Another advantage is that the carpet cleaner is easy to use. Upright machines are hard to maneuver and difficult to get into small places. The smaller models have small handheld brushes and long hoses that allow you to reach in between furniture and into corners.

One possible disadvantage that I have noticed through using these products is that the canister that holds the soapy water and the discharge is not very secure. I have noticed that the canister sometimes falls out or comes loose which causes leaks. In addition, the hoses have come loose during use causing a big mess. I am sure if you buy a reputable Bissell carpet shampoo machine or a Hoover carpet shampoo machine you will not run into these problems.

It is important to remember that these compact carpet shampooers are good for small spills or spontaneous cleanings, but not for overall carpet cleaning. Yu still want to use a regular upright carpet shampooer when it comes time to clean your entire carpet. These large carpet shampooing are usually meant to take care of the daily dirt and grime and not targeted stain removal. The compact carpet cleaning machines are more appropriate for those.

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