How Often Should You Shampoo Your Carpets?

There is a rule of thumb that carpet manufacturers say you should follow when it comes to carpet care. They say that you should vacuum your carpets once per week for every member of your household. So if you have two people living in your home then you need to vacuum twice a week to keep your carpets in the best possible condition. However, if you have six people in your house, then you should be vacuuming almost every day. Even if you keep up with this pace, you will still need to periodically shampoo your carpets. But how often is periodically? Unfortunately there is no simple answer to that question because it depends on several factors.

First, you need to consider how hard you and your family are on your carpets. If you have rules in your household such as no shoes in the house, no food outside the kitchen, etc. then the chances for your carpet to get really dirty are less than if you have kids running around the house in dirty sneakers every day and people spilling food and drink often. In addition, if you have pets then your carpets need much more care. Pets drag in dirt and many other things on their paws and bodies. If you and your family including the pets are hard on carpets then you will need to use carpet shampoo more often than some.

Another factor to consider is the fabric your carpet is made of and how delicate it is. Some carpet fibers do not stand up well to vigorous scrubbing or brush action. If you have a carpet made of delicate fibers then you might want to consider shampooing it less often. You need to consider the life span of the carpet in your calculations about how often you will use the carpet cleaning machine.

A third factor to consider is cost. If you own your own carpet shampooer then the cost to clean your carpets is minimal. You only need to replenish your cleaning solution. If you choose to rent a carpet shampoo machine then the cost is only slightly more. You can usually rent a machine from your grocery store for about thirty dollars per day. However, if you hire professionals to clean your carpet, it could cost you significantly more. You need to take your budget into consideration before making the decision to shampoo your carpets.

After you have considered all of these things, you will find that most people shampoo their carpets about once per year. Every six months is a better choice for families with a lot of risk factors like pets and small children. Every two years is a possibility if the carpeted areas in your home are rarely used. In truth, most people just wait until their carpet is looking dingy and then shampoo it. However, I would not wait so long that your carpets look like the picture above. If your carpets get this bad, then it might be hard to ever get the stains out. Try to spot clean troublesome stains as they happen rather than waiting for y our annual or semi-annual carpet shampooing. As long as you properly rinse the carpet each time you use carpet shampoo and use the machine correctly, you can shampoo your carpet as often as necessary. Just keep in mind that frequent shampooing could cause the fibers to start to break or come loose.

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