How to Use a Carpet Shampoo Machine

You may think that shampooing your carpets is a difficult task that only professionals can do properly, but that is not the case. The truth is that with the right equipment, anyone can use carpet shampoo and get clean carpets in their home. The equipment you will need is a vacuum, a bucket, carpet shampoo, hot water, and a carpet shampoo machine.

The first step to clean carpet is to vacuum the carpeted area well. You want to run the vacuum a few times to make sure that you get any loose dust and not just the large debris on top. After you are sure you have vacuumed completely, then you need to mix the carpet shampoo solution. Any brand of carpet shampoo will do, but you can also make your own. A mixture of vinegar and water with a small amount of dish soap makes a nice carpet shampoo. Make sure to read the directions on any carpet shampoo container carefully. Generally you want to use about half or maybe even less of the amount recommended. You want to avoid foaming. Add the appropriate amount of water and if necessary you can add antifoaming agent. Some carpet shampoo machines have a separate compartment for this, but others just have you add it to the shampoo solution.

Once the carpet shampoo is mixed, you will fill the reservoir in the carpet shampoo machine and get to work. Run the carpet shampooer slowly over an area of the carpet. Good technique is to pull the carpet cleaner back in long rows. Look at the solution being sucked into the machine to makes sure it is not too foamy. If it is, then you can stop and dilute the solution some. When water stops flowing into the machine then it is time to empty the waste water and refill the cleaning solution.

It is good practice to run over the entire carpet twice and then run over it a third time with only cold water in the reservoir. You want to make sure that the last time you go over each section of carpet there is absolutely no soap going into the waste compartment. Soap left behind in your carpets is one of the worse mistakes you can make and is extremely bad for your carpets.

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