Electrolux Shampoo Machine

Electrolux USA is a company that is most well known for its appliances, but they also make a large line of floor care machines. Both vacuums and carpet shampoo machines are part of the Electrolux arsenal. The carpet cleaners are from a line known as Sanitaire by Electrolux. There are three different carpet shampoo machines which they call extractors.

Sanitaire by Electrolux SC6070

This small carpet cleaning machine is great for cleaning up spills and other spot cleaning activities. The SC6070 has a 1.5 gallon solution tank as well as a 1.5 gallon recovery tank. That means you can mix one and a half gallons of cleaning solution for the solution tank. As the machine sucks up the dirty used water, it is collected in the recovery tank. A floating ball rises to the top with the liquid level and when the ball hits the bottom of the motor there is an automatic shutoff feature. The machine also automatically shuts off if it tips over. The cleaning solution is delivered out of the three inch metal upholstery attachment under fifty five psi of pressure. The high pressure helps to loosen debris and stains. It also helps if you pour hot cleaning solution into the solution tank. The upholstery attachment is at the end of an eight foot hose so your mobility is slightly prohibited while using this machine.

Sanitaire by Electrolux SC6080

The SC6080 is a larger carpet cleaning machine that would be more appropriate for cleaning entire carpeted rooms rather than spot cleaning. It has a twelve inch wand and a fifteen foot hose. The cleaning solution is delivered at 150 psi which is much stronger. The capacity of both the solution tank and the recovery tank is nine gallons. As with all of the models form Sanitaire, there is a two year service and parts warranty available for with every purchase. Both this model and the 6070 are what you call canister carpet cleaners because the tanks are on a canister and the cleaning solution is delivered and sucked in through a wand on the end of a hose.

Sanitaire by Electrolux SC6090

If you have really dirty carpets that would benefit from the work of scrub brushes then you might want to consider the SC6090. This carpet shampooer is one that you walk behind as it works rather than using a canister and wand. The water is delivered at 100 psi and it also has a nine gallon capacity in the solution and recovery tanks. The main difference is that there is a seventeen inch brush roll where the cleaning solution is delivered. This is the largest cleaning path available from Sanitaire and the brushes really help to loosen dirt from deep in the carpet fibers and pad underneath.

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