Homemade Carpet Shampoo

Even if you own your own carpet shampooer, if you clean your carpets often, the expenses can start to add up. Carpet shampoo is an expensive product. Some of the brand name carpet shampoos sell for as much as eight dollars per bottle and that bottle will only clean two to three carpeted rooms. If this is a problem for you then you might want to think about using a homemade carpet shampoo. There are lots of different recipes and tricks when it comes to homemade carpet shampoos.

First, there are many things you can use around your home for spot and stain removal. A baking soda paste is good for neutralizing odor and hydrogen peroxide kills the bacteria that causes odor and will remove organic stains. A combination of these two ingredients is a fantastic way to get rid of pet urine stains. Not only does it get rid of the stain, it gets rid of the lingering odor. Hydrogen peroxide alone is a great aid in removing bloodstains. Another common household item that can be applied to carpet cleaning is alcohol. The isopropyl alcohol that you have in your medicine cabinet is great for removing some particularly tough stains like ink. Of course, there is the tried and true method of using club soda to get out tough stains. Always blot when working with stain removers, never wipe or scrub.

For cleaning larger areas of your carpet, you will need a homemade carpet shampoo recipe. One very popular recipe is to use equal parts vinegar and water with just a small amount of dish detergent. Some people might say that they do not want to smell of vinegar throughout their entire home, but you would be surprised by how fast the vinegar smell fades. Typically, you cannot even tell you used vinegar once the carpets are completely dry. The small amount of dish detergent, usually about a tablespoon in two gallons is just enough to give the solution some foaming action. Foaming is considered a desirable trait in carpet shampoos. This is definitely a more economical solution. Keep in mind that the bottle of vinegar shown on the right only costs a little over a dollar while a comparable amount of carpet shampoo would cost ten times that. Another popular homemade carpet shampoo solution is one made of Windex and water. The Windex brings its own foaming capabilities to the table.

You may be wondering if it is safe to use these homemade concoctions in your carpet shampoo machines because they always recommend you use the brand name products. There are countless testimonials that any of the homemade carpet cleaning recipes mentioned above will work fine in commercial carpet shampooers. However, they are not recommended by the manufacturer and it is possible that you could void the warranty on your machine if you use homemade shampoos. For more information about other homemade cleaning products, visit All About Cleaners.

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