Upholstery Cleaning

Upholstery cleaning is something that is often talked about when professional cleaners discuss carpet cleaning because much of the same equipment, shampoo products, and techniques are used to clean upholstery as those used to clean carpets. It is possible for a homeowner to shampoo their own upholstery and there are numerous upholstery cleaning services that you could use as well. In order to clean your own upholstery you just have to make sure that you have the appropriate attachments for your carpet shampooer and the right upholstery shampoo products.

The upholstery shampoo that you use should be milder than any carpet shampoo. You do not want as much soap to be present so that there is less bubbles and less of a chance of soap residue being left behind. It is difficult to get water and soap out of the foam material under the upholstery so you want to be sparing. Many homeowners prefer to use homemade carpet and upholstery shampoos in order to prevent these problems. A vinegar and water solution with just a drop of dish detergent is a popular upholstery shampoo mix.

In terms of the upholstery shampooer, you are not likely to find a piece of equipment dedicated to upholstery cleaning. Instead, you will find upholstery cleaning attachments with your carpet shampoo machine. The attachments will be on the end of a long hose so that you have plenty of room to work with because high back chairs or drapes can be hard to reach if there is not a long hose. The attachments are generally small in terms of the surface area that touches the upholstery so that you can more easily reach into the nooks and crannies of couch and chair cushions.

Instead of an upright carpet cleaner with an attachment, many home owners use small handheld carpet cleaners to shampoo upholstery. Handheld carpet shampooers can use the same mild upholstery cleaning agents as the upright machines and they are easier to maneuver around.

An alternative to upholstery shampoos and upholster shampooers is the use of steam cleaning. A steam mop with a wand attachment makes an excellent upholstery cleaner. Steam is probably the gentlest cleaner that you can find so there will be no chance of soap residue or harsh chemicals being left behind in the foam or the upholstery. One positive aspect of using steam is the fact that the high temperatures are better at killing bacteria including the bacteria that cause odor. Many upholstered pieces of furniture retain smells easily and regular upholstery cleaning is the best way to rid your furniture of unwanted odors.

If you do not want to clean your own upholstery than the alternative is upholstery cleaning services. Many companies that offer carpet cleaning offer these services as well. When you pay a professional cleaning service to do upholstery cleaning or upholstery shampooing you have to deal with the fact that you cannot use the furniture for some period of time after the service. If you sit on or use the shampooed upholstery any me before it is recommended, the services are not guaranteed any longer and you will not be able to get you money back if something goes wrong.

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