What Carpet Shampoo is Right for My Machine?

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If you buy a carpet shampoo machine then it will most likely come with at least one container of carpet shampoo. That bottle will be the same brand as the machine, of course. When you go to the grocery store or home improvement warehouse to rent a carpet shampooer, there will probably be a display of carpet shampoo that matches the brand of machine you can rent. So is it necessary to use the same brand of shampoo as the brand of your shampooer? The answer is definitely no. The brand dose not matter. There are no secret ingredients that only work if you are using the right carpet steamer. You can use any brand that you like. The more important things to consider are the different additives and variations of carpet cleaner out there.

All of the above conversation has been about cleaners for full size upright carpet shampoo machines. There is another variety of carpet cleaner that is used for spot cleaning and small stain removal. These smaller portable machines use different types of cleaners at times. One example, is that some handheld carpet machine cleaners have oxygen bleach in them. Oxygen bleach is great for fighting stains on carpet because it is extremely effective without being harmful to the carpet.

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