Where to Rent a Carpet Shampooer

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If you are going to shampoo your carpets and you do not own your own carpet cleaning machine, then you will need to rent a carpet shampooer. You may be wondering where one goes to rent such a machine. You have three pretty reliable options including the grocery store, a large home improvement warehouse, and a friend or family member. There are advantages and disadvantages to all three choices.

Grocery Store Shampooer Rental

My personal preference is for the machines you rent at the grocery store. The most popular brand you will find at your local food mart is Rug Doctor. There are three reasons that I like renting these carpet cleaners.

There are two negatives that come with renting a carpet shampooer from the grocery store. First, these machines are generally not strong enough to fight tough stains. They do a really good job at overall cleaning, but stain fighting is not high on the list. You usually have to pre-treat and scrub stains with other cleaners after you shampoo your carpets. The second problem that I have with these machines is that you never know who rented it before you and what might be lurking inside or under the machine. If the previous renter did not clean out the machine thoroughly and they were using it is a greasy garage, you could track in more dirt and stains than what you started with. However, this negative will be true with any rented machine, no matter where you get it.

Rent a Shampooer at a Home Improvement Warehouse

Your second option is to rent from a large home improvement warehouse like Home Depot or Lowes. There is one main advantage to renting from this type of retailer and one major disadvantage. The two actually are the same feature. Carpet shampooers from home improvement stores are usually of industrial strength. This can be good if you have a high traffic carpet with many stains and lots of ground in dirt. However, that industrial strength could be too much for your delicate home carpets. While it might work well on a high traffic carpet like what you would find in an office, it might damage or tear up fibers in your living room carpets. Make sure that you test the machine in an inconspicuous area before using it on your entire carpeted surface.

Borrow a Rug Shampooer

The third option is to borrow a carpet cleaning machine from a friend or family member. While this is not technically renting, you often will be indebted a favor so there is some kind of currency exchanged. If you borrow a carpet shampoo machine, then make sure that you return it in as good a condition or better condition than you got it. Make sure you ask what kind of carpet cleaner they use and try to use something similar. If they give you a bottle of carpet shampoo, make sure to return the machine with a full bottle of the same. Most importantly, always return the cleaner in a timely manner. It is not good manners to borrow a tool like that and keep it for weeks or months.

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